Personalized beauty product sample memberships are in, en vogue, popular and extremely nice.

The 3 most popular are FABFITFUN, BIRCHBOX AND IPSY.  Personally, I started with Birchbox and then joined FABFITFUN and Ipsy approximately a year later.  Birchbox and Ipsy are $10.00 a month and FABFITFUN is $49.99 a month.

The major differences boil down to;

Birchbox is a beautiful box with personalized sample size beauty products inside. Ipsy is similar,  with the exception the sample size products come in a small really cute make-up bag.  FABFITFUN include FULL size products and more of them based on personal preferences for beauty and fitness.

When you join the club (in all three instances) you fill out a questionnaire about  your beauty rituals, preferences, hair and skin type and overall interests.  Based on the  questionnaire they pick products of interest.  You are sent notices about when the  products ship…it’s so fun to anticipate the arrival of your goodies, a surprise and “present like” even though you know.  It’s great for me because I don’t like surprises I don’t know about..hahaha. Call me snoopy, anxious, or controlling  if you will I call it “hating surprises” combined with a need to know.

An additional benefit of  membership is the  opportunities to earn points for savings on products you may want to purchase. Through reviews and friend referrals you can earn points that can be applied to product purchases for great discounts. It’s really fun with minimal investment especially if you are a beauty product junky.

One of the major pluses is you can cancel at any time.  I probably will not continue on with all three memberships but I am not sure how I will make my determination.  I am waiting for another month of Ipsy and FABFITFUN before I decide since I am new to them.  I’ve included pictures and a video so you can see them up close in personal.

It has been a blast.  I have been exposed to so many products I would NOT ordinarily have tried or even seen.  I have sensitive skin and my skin hates products with a bunch of toxic substances in them. The personalization part is very valuable.  I have put the beautiful Birchboxes to good use for present boxes.  The Ipsy make-up bags are really cute.  Who couldn’t use more cute make-up bags right? The full size FABFITFUN products have been really cool.  The yoga strap and herb garden are my favorite so far.

I would love to know if you have product membership you like or if you have feedback on these three;  FABFITFUN, Birchbox, Ipsy

Enquiring minds want to know!



Girls Only Leg-up Leg Workout

This video is for those of you who don’t have as much time as you would like to go to the gym but want toned legs. I do these exercises in some form and variation in my robe in the early morning while my dog Tank is doing his business. 
Try the exercises at first with 10 repitions each exercise and work up to as many reps as you can stand. If you are sore the first time (usually a day or so after) wait a day before doing them again. The song is by Mary Mary and it always makes me feel better to get up and shake my groove  thing to their songs. 
Please enter at your own risk WARNING may cause beautiful legs!