14 Day 4 Minute Workout Challenge

This 14 day challenge is built around the 4 MINUTE WORKOUT which utilizes the magic signaling molecule of Nitric Oxide.

This molecule has revolutionized the concept of exercise. It is made in the human body and stored primarily in the blood vessel system. By creating an anaerobic environment with the 4 minute workout it causes the release of Nitric Oxide. Upon the release of Nitric Oxide, it goes down stream dilating the blood vessels. In turn there is a delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body.

The body then responds by building muscle, maintaining lean muscles and revving up the metabolism to name just a few of the benefits. Nitric Oxide is replenished every couple of hours. This is the perfect scenario to release the magic molecule multiple times a day. The goal would be to do the 4 minute workout 3 times per day. In a matter of 4 minutes we will be hitting 16 of the larges muscle groups done in the privacy of your own home with no special equipment or clothing needed.

The benefits will be evident especially after our 14 day time period. You can expect some slight soreness after the first few workouts as we don’t normally hit the 16 largest muscle groups all at one time. It won’t last long but the pluses will.

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