4 Minutes To Change YOur Internal Chemistry

Nitric Oxide has been called the miracle molecule. The brain loves it and it does its magical work throughout the body. When it is released it travels downstream dilating the blood vessels making the body fertile for the delivery of of oxygen and nutrients through out. This also gives the liver the go ahead to release stored fat, it thins the blood and fertilizes the brain just to mention a few. This 4 minute work out was designed by Dr Zac Bush a 3 time board certified doctor and health advocate. I just have put a little spin on it.

Most of us have very busy lives and this is a perfect way to get a head start on health in only 4 minutes and it really does work. Optimally performed 3 times a day. Nitric Oxide is restored every couple of hours. The great thing is this little exercise can be done anywhere any time no matter the atmosphere, clothing, climate or attitude. We all have at least 4 minutes we can carve out. It is a game changer.

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