Intuition, esp, Inner guidance

Intuition, ESP, Inner Guidance.. have you ever felt like you wished you would have listened to your inner guidance and it caused undue heart ache. The really good news is scientifically they are proving this is a skill we all have and can improve and use in our daily life. The Heart Math Institute does such great work in this field . They are and excellent source of information and teaching on this subject. Please check out their website.

There are three easy steps that anyone can employ to make this supernatural skill a practical tool we can use to benefit our lives and the lives of others. When we are in heart brain coherence we can actually entrain others into coherence.

Step 1- move the awareness from the brain to the heart. An easy way to do this is through touch.
Step 2- Breath. Slowing down the breath intentionally sends a signal to the body we are safe and can go into rest, repair and rejuvenation.
Step 3- Bring up one of four or a combination of the 4 elevated emotions that have been identified to be most effective. Gratitude, Appreciation, Care and Compassion.

Heart Brain Coherence can be accomplished in minutes and can be done one or several times a day. This technique puts us in touch with higher states of cognition or our ability to access information that we wouldn’t ordinarily be able to access along with many other benefits. I look forward to hearing your experience with Heart Brain Coherence.

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