Recently, inadvertently, and unintentionally I converted to raw or live food eating. I decided on the fly to do a 30 day raw food challenge really I am not even sure what prompted it internally. I was feeling like I had become overly dependent on coffee and protein bars and needed a change. On a whim I put it out on Facebook that I was going to do “this challenge” and the next thing I knew I had over 30 souls brave enough to take the plunge with me. The formation of a Facebook group made it set in stone. From Sept 2 – Oct 2 we dove in. I came out unscathed and really inspired by how I felt and the support of our group.

At the end of the 30 days I wasn’t ready to stop eating live foods. I felt free from the chains of my morning caffeine fix and afternoon crash for one. I felt lighter on the inside and my skin looked and felt better, the whites of my eyes whiter and I slept sounder with waking up easier. By the end of October we had over 80 people in the group and newbies ready to go for it. We did a 10 day challenge in November and now we have around 90 people in the group.

I am still not ready to go back to non live food eating…. just yet. I have been able to go on vacation, dinner with friends, celebrate birthdays and date nights with my husband with out any offenses to others or mishaps in my food. I am not sure how long this will last and I certainly do not want to be the food police to others. I will state for sure I feel great as of now.

I don’t think anyone ever has said they didn’t benefit from eating their fruits and veggies. So I wanted to include some of my favorite recipes and links to some interviews on the subject and an invite to anyone who feels so inclined to join in the fun.





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