I truly still can NOT believe that with everything else that occurred in 2020 I (of all people) ended up a primarily raw vegan. Like all the other strange happenings this year this still surprises me that I ended one of “those people”. Unwitting is an understatement. I decided in September to do a bit of a detox since the Pandemic Eating and Netflix Bingeing was taking it’s toll on my body and attitude a fair bit. For some odd reason I asked my Facebook friends if any of them wanted to join me on a 30 day Raw Food Challenge.

The Challenge was loosely put together by me as 30 days of eating only fruits veggies nuts and seeds. The intent was to not cook the afore mentioned foods over 118 degrees. I had no plan other than that. Somehow we now have over 90 people in a group I lead and we’ve done a 30 day challenge, a 14 day challenge and a 3 day detox. I personally have stayed on the eating plan since September. I managed to go on vacation, celebrate birthdays, survive the pandemic and the holidays with very few veer offs. On the occasion I have cooked and consumed non raw live foods it gave me opportunity for comparison.

“Let food be thy medicine”Hippocrates

No one ever has said they didn’t benefit from eating fruits and vegetables. I actually ate like this in my late twenties while battling colon cancer. I somehow took a hard turn away from what assisted me in my victory over cancer. I am back and so happy, fulfilled and satisfied with my choice. I am very blessed to have a meat eating muscle bound husband who is supportive of my choices as I am his. We meet in the middle of the table over fruits and veggies.

I won’t go into the science or testimonial on the why, the how and the who here. I do want to share some of my favorite recipes. As a result of being the administrator of the Live Food Eating Group on Facebook I have had to up my recipe game to provide good content for the members. Left to my own devices I would probably eat the same thing over and over and over and over again.

I will link to my Pinterest page that has most of my recipes and others I found that are super yummy. Also I will share the link to the facebook group if you have an interest in part, all or even one meal a day of plant based eating. As I stated before no one is more shocked than me that I am a raw live food vegan. I am no food police for sure. I would say to be perfectly transparent I am about 90 per cent raw plant based eating. I am not sure how what when where or who as it pertains to this but for right now I love it and feel amazing.

I hope you enjoy these recipes and please join the group if you like and check out my Pinterest page.



Recipes For Success FAVS

Obviously this is not exhaustive but certainly some deliciousness here.

I would love to know you thoughts, hear comments, answer questions and/or collaborate.

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I hope you enjoy some of these recipes as much as I do.


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