yoga For Inner thighs

YOGA FOR INNER THIGHS sequence is built around Skandasana also called SIDE LUNGE or NINJA LUNGE and EXTENDED SIDE ANGLE. A quick an easy flow for targeting inner thighs, which require specifically targeted exercises to get toned. This is a perfect workout for a busy life and can be done in the privacy of your own home-no equipment needed. I am passionate about making yoga accessible to all levels of individuals. I truly believe it is better to do a little yoga more often than a lot of yoga not very often.

The benefits of these poses include strengthening the knees, ankles, spine, abs, obliques, improves respiration, opens the hips and back and not least of which has a slimming effect on the inner thighs. Additionally it grounds and balances the first 2 energy centers or in other words balances with a grounding effect on the body spirit and soul. It is very important to do counter poses for these intense poses. We will be doing both, spending time in the poses and countering with additional postures.

I would love to hear how it goes and your comments or requests.



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