Yogi Squat Sequence

The Yogi Squat pose is beneficial to the body from the ankles to the hips and literally everything in between. Included in those areas are benefits to the digestive system and reproductive system as well as hips and lower back. Taking a closer look at the digestive benefits- it aids in the control aspect. Doing the yogi squat on a regular basis will help detoxify and release air in the stomach and intestines. It is great for getting rid of unnecessary elements out of the entire digestive tract, eliminating gas and constipation.

Malasana is the Sanskrit name for this pose and can also be called Garland Pose. Correcting posture is also one the properties attributed to a practice that regularly included the yogi squat. It helps straighten and strengthen the spine. Also, it balances the hips and stretches the lower back, ankles and knees.

WARNING! It is an advanced pose and can be intense but very worth the effort. That being said, one should always do counterposes when practicing with Malasana. Great counterposes are Forward Fold, Child’s Pose, Cobra Pose and rolling on the back. This sequence is great for counteracting sitting and can be done daily for maximum benefits.

Please check out the video for additional information and the sequence

Yogi Squat Sequence
Doing a little bit of yoga often is easier and better for most people than doing a lot of yoga not very often. This sequence is perfect for most peoples busy lives


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